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Are you creative?

Are you Creative?

Do you believe in creativity things can be made better?

We think who to be considered as a creative person?Don’t we?

Most of the time we mingle in question that creative person is the one who is related to some kind of art work, whether its’s Dancing, Writing, Photography, Designing, Singing etc but what we forget is creative is not a part of art instead art is part of creativity.

We belong to many different fields of illustrations like management, arts, accounts or science. Do the people who belong to accounts and management are boring or out of creativity? Or the engineers and scientists are cool who create or conduct experiments using their creative level?

What do you think?

Hope you are not one of the typical thinker who believe in old school thoughts that creativity belongs to those who does art.

Instead Ethmod believes creativity is for those who finds creative aspect in whatever they do just like DDLJ, Raj should have asked Simran to run away with him easily but instead he choose a path where he choose a path where he did all the good stuff to get Simran’s family agree upon marriage, his creative thinking helped him to get Simran.

Dream of Fashion Designer

Still wondering who is creative? Let me tell you a story of a simple girl with a dream in her eyes to become a fashion designer and to pursue her work to create something new and more meaningful, for this she completed her fashion designing degree and started working for a fashion brand with full motivation to create something unique and different.

On her day  one in the company she presented an unique idea for a garment to her senior fashion designer ,but response from the senior came in negative way and she neither received any suggestion from her.

This behavior received  from  the senior fashion designer effected her deeply and the motivation started decline as a designer job no more charm her, engage her and moreover no one wanted her designing ideas.Then she realized that this dream of her is unenthusiastic so she has to do something to make her feel that whatever she has dream as a teenager is not disappointment .

So she started working really hard and created some good designs which she presented to the senior fashion designer, but again she got the same response as she received on the day one of the job .

She gave it a thought what’s better she can do to impress the senior? The time went and her struggle continued . One day in a designers meeting she got to know the senior designer was just using her ideas to design garments for the company. After knowing this, the idea of leaving job vanished and she thought to stay in company to prove herself and her creativity in front of company’s management. ( story continues in next blog )

We believe creativity is not only in thinking but applying and doing it practically, this girl with simple dreams thought and applied the same and didn’t got scared to apply her ideas in front of experienced people therefore creative people are not scared instead they present their ideas and also welcome learning from every aspect and fighting back whenever necessary.

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